Statement from Kohn-Ell Association Management Services

Recent newspaper headlines about financial problems at another HOA management company compel us to assure and remind our client communities of bedrock business practices that Kohn-Ell has observed since its inception in 2001 and continues through today. Each client community has its own separate bank account in the name of the community and for the exclusive use of the community.

Complete financial reports are provided monthly to the governing Board of Directors for each community, which include bank statement information generated by the bank, not Kohn-Ell, and relayed to the Board as part of the monthly financial package.

We offer this Statement with the knowledge and confidence that many of the homeowners and board members in our client communities are aware of the transparent, accountable and forthright manner in which Kohn-Ell handles the financial resources of each community, but we are also cognizant that news reports of mismanaged finances at other HOAs not managed by Kohn-Ell, might be concerning to some homeowners. We pledge that Kohn-Ell will continue to safeguard your HOA treasury, and continue to verify those safeguards with transparent reporting to each community’s leaders.

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We are Kohn-Ell Association Management Services, LLC. Our mission is to preserve property values, enhance your living experience, and promote a sense of community through effective management of your Association.

Our primary objective is to provide accurate and timely information, advice, and management direction in a prompt and courteous manner to the Association’s Board of Directors and members. We manage and act on behalf of all Association members with direction and approval from the Board of Directors in accordance with the Association’s governing Documents, applicable law and accounting standards.

We welcome the opportunity to manage your Association. We value the customers we have and are confident we can make significant and lasting contributions to your community.










Office Locations

Wake County

Monday - Friday
Office Hours: 9:00am to 4:30pm

205 West Millbrook Road
Suite 210
Raleigh, NC 27609

Phone: 919-856-1844

Fax: 919-571-8290


Johnston County

Monday - Friday
Office Hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm

9939 US 70 Business
Clayton, NC 27520

Phone: 919-585-4240

Fax: 919-571-8290