Beginning August 1, 2019, the BillPay network company used through Kohn-Ell’s pay on line portal applied following conditions on eChecks payments:

• Each eCheck processed through their Online Payment System incurs a fee of $1.99. This fee is added at the time the payment is made and will be debited from the homeowner’s bank account. For example, if your payment is $100.00, and payment is made by eCheck, you would have one charge of $100.00 and one charge of $1.99. This fee will be displayed to you prior to your final submission of the payment.

• If an owner has a recurring eCheck payment setup prior to 8/1/19, your recurring payments will not be charged the eCheck fee. A fee will be charged if you change the existing setup or add a new setup.

Owners do have options to avoid the $1.99 eCheck fee:

• You can use your bank’s online BillPay service. Kohn-Ell’s Online Payment System receives many of these payments electronically in as little as 2 days.

• You may initiate an ACH Draft. Please contact Van at for assistance.








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